Floreon has the potential to transform packaging; It is the most versatile bioplastic available today and has many different applications.

  • Packaging (inc clam shells)

    Floreon packaging provides numerous benefits including:

    Excellent gloss, transparency & clarity, easy to shape, print & emboss, better rigidity which means packaging can be lighter than ever before and more disposal options than conventional packaging.

  • Plant labels

    Plant labels are now typically made from PP, as PS becomes too brittle for this application at low temperatures. We have now developed Floreon plant pot labels which are nearly identical to PP, but require less energy to produce and certified as compostable.

  • Keycards

    Access cards are typically made from polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) or polyvinylchloride (PVC). We replace this with Floreon for a more economically friendly alternative. Our cards have been developed with a leading print specialist with excellent results. Producing these items from Floreon results in far lower greenhouse gas emissions and non-renewable energy usage than all of these materials

  • Food trays

    Floreon has passed independent food contact testing by Smithers-Rapra. Cradle to gate, Floreon has relatively low greenhouse gas emissions and non-renewable energy usage. Thermoforming and sheet production can also be performed at lower temperatures than competing plastics, resulting in lower energy usage during processing.

  • Water cooler bottles

    Most water cooler bottles are made from polycarbonate (PC), and concerns exist regarding the leaching of biphenyl A from this material into the water. Floreon is a much safer, eco-friendly alternative to PC and PET, which is also completely recyclable and biodegradable. The base material (PLA) is even used in biomedical applications and has been used in implants, demonstrating the safety of this material.

  • Gift Cards

    Growing consumer awareness over the use of finite petroleum resources makes Floreon an attractive solution for plastic gift cards. An ideal alternative to PVC, Floreon has much better renewable and sustainable credentials with good durability at an affordable cost.

  • Packaging Film

    Floreon is being explored for the production of heat-seal film by a leading European supplier of heat sealing pouches. Floreon is a promising material for film production and has lower environmental impact than competing materials and a wide processing window.