Floreon seeks resellers around the world for Floreon 3D filament (April 2017)

Having launched our fantastic 3D filament in 2015 and received fantastic feedback, we are looking to increase the availability of Floreon 3D filament around the world by selling through resellers. 

If you are a company who are interested, please contact Deborah Jones.

Floreon 3D filament is a specially formulated compound containing a combination of carefully selected performance polymers that give enhanced flexibility, durability and printability over other filaments, whilst maintaining the sustainable benefits of being 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

Benefits of Floreon filament: 
- 4x tougher than PLA 
- More flexible than standard PLA 
- Improved impact resistance 
- Excellent inter-layer adhesion - improved printability 
- Excellent extrusion 
- Minimal nozzle clogging - less machine downtime & less wastage 
- Print at 190°C to 240°C low temp gives matt finish, higher temps gloss finish 
- Print at higher speeds 
- Made from plants, not oil 
- Recyclable & biodegradable 
- Manufactured using less energy than conventional plastics 
- Virtually odour free

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