3rd PLA World Congress Roundup (June 2014)

Our CEO, Shaun Chatterton and Technical Director, Andrew Gill recently attended and presented at the 3rd PLA World Congress in Munich.

We asked them a few questions about their trip and here is what they had to say:

What was the conference about?

The conference was focused on the opportunities and challenges facing PLA as a sustainable material made from renewable resources. Topics covered included recycling, applications and additives to enhance performance and functionality.

Who was there?

The audience was a mixture of additives suppliers, converters, recyclers, end users of PLA products and packaging as well as R&D organisations, media and academics.

Why did you attend the conference?

Floreon were amongst the sponsors of this event in order to raise awareness of the possibilities offered by PLA as a material, both for the environment and as a functional material. Floreon also gave a presentation on how their technology can enhance the performance of PLA and open up new applications.

What did you learn/what stood out/favourite talk?

There were some excellent talks at the event and it was clear that although PLA already has excellent performance, additives such as Floreon are now reaching the market that will enable PLA to outperform even established oil based plastics. Prof. Ramani Narayan from Michigan State University gave an exciting talk on the potential of recycling PLA via a technique known as ‘thermal depolymerization’, another recycling option for PLA that’s energy and resource efficient.

Was it worthwhile?

The event was incredible value for money and was attended by all the major PLA stakeholders. It’s clear that although PLA is still a relatively ‘young’ polymer in commercial terms the technology is rapidly progressing and this is a material for the future. As both a fact finding mission and networking event the conference delivered effectively.

What conference/event will you attend next?

The bioplastics community is generating immense interest at the minute with a wealth of conferences for stakeholders along the supply chain. The Bioplastics Magazine events calendar is a good source for information on conferences. Keep watching the Floreon blog for chances to see us present!

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