Business Opportunities

Floreon has developed a unique and patent protected blend of PLA which significantly enhances the toughness and its versatility.

It will give manufacturers the ability to offer their customers more applications in PLA and significantly enhanced quality across their existing product range.

Floreon are actively looking to work with:

  • Plastic compounders and stock holders who will be able to support a network of manufacturers in distinct territories.
  • Large manufacturers / convertors who already work with PLA and are looking to enhance their quality and product range.
  • Developers of additives who will be able to market Floreon alongside their own range.
  • Brand holders looking to source high performance plastics made from renewable sources.
  • Manufacturers of PLA who see the benefit of enhancing their basic product.

We are open to discuss:

  • Product trials
  • Supply agreements
  • Licences, exclusivity by application and/or by territory.

​We offer:

  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Marketing support to sell through to the final user